A little guide from wholesale silver bangle vendor

Silver bangle are available in so many styles that are hard to pick one! Whether it’s silver bangles, antique charm bangles or silver cuffs, there’s something for everyone. Whatever style you plan to wear, some universal tips will help you get the most out of your bangle.


A quick reminder from a wholesale silver bangle retailer

If you are drawn in stacking silver bangles, you should be obtaining a lot of them. The most effective way to buy them all at once is to look for a vendor that sell wholesale silver bangles. When talking about wholesale silver bangle retailer, Hong Factory constantly comes up first in my memory. They are Thailand’s leading wholesale silver bangles and other jewelry producer and retailer that has satisfied their faithful clients (Including me) since 1971. Buying wholesale silver bangles is, of course, give your more favorable rate per item. Which is why I suggest buying them this way if you want to catch the bangles stacking trend train.

Jewelry to wear with a silver bangle

In general, bangles are perfect with any other type of jewelry. Depending on the look you’re looking for, you can wear it as a piece of ID and avoid other jewelry, or stack it on other bangles and rings for a luxurious look.

If you intend to wear a silver armband, keep other elegant and sleek jewelry. Silver bangles, however, can (and should usually) be worn with several different types of bangles and jewelry for a fun multimedia look.


Styling your silver bangle

Make your bangle shine by choosing the outfit that suits you. The three-quarter sleeves or shorter are fantastic with the bangles.

If you have a slightly short sleeve shirt, adding a bangle is a great way to fill the void.

Typically, silver is more beautiful with fresher or brighter colors. Pair your silver bangle with a blue top for a monochrome look, or add sparkle to an all-black outfit.

If you wear neon colors in fashion, slip a silver bangle for more punch.

The style of your bangle depends on its overall feel – a sculptural silver cuff harmonizes perfectly with a modern, minimal look, while a stack of bangles has a definite boho feel and can be paired with long skirts and blouses.

Do not be afraid to mix styles, but use an editorial eye to make sure it’s not too much of an exaggeration.

Adding accessories

Hats, scarves, and other accessories are perfect with silver bangles. However, there are some reservations to make.

Avoid bags with gold hardware when you wear silver jewelry – they will look bad, no matter what you do.


You will also want to reconsider a scarf if you are wearing a silver charm bangle.

Charms can cling to your knitted or loose woven items, and can even make holes in the silk if you’re not careful.

Is it bad to combine gold and silver?

Traditional wisdom says to wear jewelry of a single color, for example, silver or gold. However, the mixing of metals has been a trend for some years now.

The best way to wear both silver and gold is to find an item that incorporates both. In this way, it looks intentional, rather than sloppy.

Otherwise, match your silver bangle with necklaces, earrings, and rings all in silver. Pay special attention to this if your wedding ring is gold.

That does not mean that you have to give up silverware, but simply that you have to make sure that it looks planned.

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale With bangles, in particular, the sky is the limit! You do not have to worry about your haircut or neckline as you would with a necklace, so do not hesitate to take chances and try new styles with your silver bangle.

Ultimately, do not overlook that when you are purchasing many bangles for stacking or just obtaining them, it is convenient to buy them from a wholesale silver bangle dealer. Hong Factory is the one I advise.


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