The philosophy of wearing silver bangles

A wholesale silver bangle vendor’s guide on improving your fashion

How to properly wear silver bangles?

When it comes to costume jewelry, silver bangles are always right. Be careful not to make your silver bangle stand out more than others. Likewise, if you choose to wear silver bangles, do not wear other jewelry that will steal the attention from them. Balancing is critical for being fashionable. Play on the color associations and wear jewelry that suits your style.

Being different with your silver bracelets

Silver bangle are always good alone, but mixing them with leather, silk, glass, or wooden bracelets is also in the trend of this season. Have fun with unusual materials and discovering rare pearls that you will find in the sandstone of your desires. Exoticism is fashionable and Asian inspirations are numerous in recent years, so wearing them won’t make you look weird. Gems, silk, hand-painted, pearls, feathers, and seashells are the latest trending materials in the fashion world.

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Exotic style silver bangles are popular for a reason

The exotic style silver bangles have made their entry into the fashionista wardrobes little by little, and this trend does not seem to be declining at the moment. Silver bangles with a chic ethnic style are ideal for summer. As for every summer, this season is the significant return of Thai style silver bangles. These bangles are gorgeous and sophisticated in design. It is unique, so wearing them will make you shine above others!

Wearing silver bangles as real men do

The heavy silver bangle is fashionable among fashionable men. It exists in all styles, from trendy, contemporary or geometric to refined lace or metal chiseled. Golden, silver, or two-tone bangles look good together on man wrists. So getting them for your boyfriend or father is not a bad idea.

If you are getting them as gifts, noted that the shape of bangle usually depends on the personality of the person who wears it. So be careful when you want to surprise someone. You can buy a bunch of wholesale silver bangles at once to save some cash. Stay tuned for more about buying wholesale silver bangles!

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Match silver bangles with your outfits

You can wear silver bangle with many outfits. The most crucial thing is to highlight it by clearing the area of your wrists and forearms. A silver bracelet is enough alone; there is no need to wear too many other jewelry or accessories. You can associate it with earrings provided that they are small. You can always combine small Thai style bangles in summer. Highlight your cuff with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or by raising your sleeves a little to make them appear more clearly. Wear your silver bangle with a thin sweater or a loose shirt with the sleeves up. Wear with a slim or a pencil skirt. A silver bangle can be worn on the wrist, forearm or the arm. For an evening, you will wear your bangle with a pretty little black dress.

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